Survey finds increasing number of under-fives using tablets and watching TV

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30th September 2015 11:15 - Information Technology

A recent survey of more than 1,000 parents of young children has revealed that an increasing number of under-fives are watching TV and Survey finds increasing number of under-fives using tablets and watching TVusing tablet computers, with the time spent watching television increasing from 2.4 hours per day last year, to 2.6 hours per day in 2015.

The most popular TV channel for under-fives is BBC’s CBeebies, with approximately 75 per cent of under-fives viewing the channel, as opposed to around a third who watch Nick Jnr. The amount of children under five who watch CBBC - which is aimed at older children - has risen to 24 per cent from 16 per cent.

The survey also found that the most television is watched in the morning and early in the evening, as many parents curb TV viewing at lunchtime and after bedtime. However, 7 per cent of children under five watch TV in bed.

The increase in how much TV children watch correlates with under-fives being given increasing access to on-demand viewing on digital devices.

The survey findings also revealed that 73 per cent of under-fives use a computer or tablet in 2015, as opposed to just 23 per cent in 2012. Of the devices used, tablet computers were found to be the most popular, with more than 60 per cent using one.

According to the findings, by the time a child reaches two years old, most use either a tablet or computer and by the time they reach six, more than 40 per cent use some form of device daily.

Although the BBC is the most favoured channel for young children, YouTube overtakes BBC iPlayer as children’s favourite on-demand TV platform. BBC iPlayer and CBeebies iPlayer closely follows YouTube as children’s favourite platform for online viewing. Of the paid services, Netflix has beaten Sky for the first time.

50 per cent of children are also said to be using apps, with the BBC’s CBeebies Playtime being the favourite app amongst under-fives. According to the researchers, the YouTube, Peppa Pig and Disney apps were also popular.

The survey also discovered that parenting is becoming more digital, with around 75 per cent of mums using websites targeted at them, such as Mumsnet. Similarly, approximately 50 per cent of dads also use parenting websites, however, they mainly visit sites aimed at mothers or parents of a specific gender, not ones aimed at fathers.

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