Survey finds primary schools favour coding language, Python, over French

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3rd September 2015 13:21 - Information Technology

A recent survey of 1,000 primary school children, 1,000 secondary school children and 1,000 parents has revealed that computer Survey finds primary schools favour coding language, Python, over French programming language, Python, has surpassed French as the most popular language taught in primary schools.

The findings were revealed exactly one year after the UK government introduced the computing to the national curriculum, which now features coding as a core component.

Commissioned by Ocado Technology, the survey aimed to explore the process of the new curriculum.

Of the parents in the survey, 60 per cent said that they would prefer their children to learn coding instead of French. The primary school aged children revealed a similar preference, with 75 per cent saying that they would prefer to learn how to programme a robot instead of studying French.

However, although primary school children are largely enthusiastic about computing and coding, secondary school children are not as positive, with more than 50 per cent of secondary school pupils saying that GCSE Computer Science is an “easy option”.

Director of Technology at Ocado, Paul Clarke, said of the findings:

"Unfortunately this is an example of a wider and more serious problem that we face in terms of Computer Science in the UK not being treated as the serious engineering discipline that it undoubtedly is.

"The irony is that this is at a time when we are facing a massive shortfall in the number of software engineers and IT specialists who will be required to help build out the UK's digital economy."

The introduction of Computing to the curriculum was described by Simon Peyton Jones, Chair of Computing at School as like launching a rocket.

"My mental image is that it's like a rocket taking off," he said"Lift off is a very important moment."

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