Survey suggests older generation can indeed learn technology skills

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9th August 2016 11:24 - Information Technology

Survey suggests older generation can indeed learn technology skills: A recent IT survey by file hosting service, Dropbox, has revealed that despite not being the most tech-savvy demographic, the older generation can in fact learn and retain technology skills.Survey suggests older generation can indeed learn technology skills

Perhaps most surprising was the finding that older users are sometimes better at navigating technologies than youngsters.

The researchers asked the older participants to answer some questions about technology skills and how to apply them. The findings displayed some surprising results, with the revelation that the older generation can in fact be taught to use technology.

In addition to exploring the skills of the older generation, Dropbox also aimed to uncover the working conditions of 4,000 workers in both the United States and the United Kingdom, who are facing the introduction of new-age technology.

The survey findings revealed that employees aged 55 and over use 4.9 different kinds of technology every week. These participants revealed that they do not find using technology at work frustrating.

On the other hand, the survey respondents who were aged 18 and over and expected to be thoroughly confident using technology, in fact admitted that they sometimes get stressed when using technology in the workplace. CIO reported that the findings should provoke attention from all industries, not just the IT sector.

An alternative market research study also challenges the preconceptions about older generations and their abilities to learn new technology skills. The researchers discovered that although the older generation trails behind the youngsters in terms of adapting to new technologies, although, older people’s regard towards technology is becoming wiser and more in depth as time goes on.

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