Third of consumers replace faulty devices rather than getting them repaired, reveals survey

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27th March 2019 12:01 - Information Technology

Third of consumers replace faulty devices rather than getting them repaired: A survey looking at how consumers feel about technology has revealed a third have become so disgruntled by their tech devices playing up or not working they have bought a replacement device – rather than seeing if it can be repaired.

The poll of 2,000 by online and mobile tech support company, Wiztech found almost half (47%) of respondents admitted to not being very knowledgeable when it comes to resolving technology and computer issues.

It also found that almost 8 million people have been so frustrated with their gadgets that they have broken them in a temper tantrum.

Technology woes have also been responsible for arguments between couples, with 20% falling out when phones, laptops and tablets are on the blink.

The survey revealed that on average, people face 63 incidents of tech devices failing them in a year.

The top issue reported was slow internet, followed by a slow computer and annoying pop-up adverts. Also in the top ten was intermittent Wi-Fi, forgotten passwords and slow downloads. 

Only 14 issues (of the 63) faced by Brits were successfully worked out without assistance. A quarter (25%) admitted to losing important documents and precious family photos due to a technology glitch.

The poll found that three in ten respondents felt they made the issue worse when they tried to resolve a tech issue, with three quarters calling someone in to help sort it out. The survey also found that four in ten people polled had been so let down by tech products they were left unable to carry out their necessary work. 

Most annoying tech issues according to the poll - Top 20

1. Slow internet
2. Slow computer
3. Pop-up ads
4. Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting
5. Forgotten password
6. Slow downloads
7. Software updates making things worse
8. Can't login
9. Printer won't work
10. Phone battery keeps dying quickly
11. Accidentally deleting something important
12. App keeps on crashing
13. Paper jams
14. 'Blue screen of death'
15. Can't open email attachments
16. Keep seeing 'there is a problem with this website's security certificate'
17. Ink not printing properly
18. Hard drive failure
19. Remembering where you stored particular files/data
20. Running out of hard drive space

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