Three-quarters of tech talent would work for a start-up in 2021, according to poll

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10th March 2021 13:25 - Information Technology

Three-quarters of tech talent would work for a start-up in 2021: A survey of people employed in tech roles has revealed that nearly three-quarters would consider working for a start-up business in 2021.

The poll by Talent Works sought to find out more about what tech employees in a range of roles look for in a job and where they go to seek new opportunities.

Asked about what attracts them to the idea of working for a start up, respondents believe it would give them more opportunities for growth and development as well as the chance to work on the latest tech developments, and be more involved in the company as a whole, according to the poll.

The research found that overall, the opportunity to progress within a company and company reputation were more important than salary and security. However, respondents under the age of 35 said that the most important thing to them when looking for a new tech role, was 'remote and flexible working'.

For respondents over 35 years, career progression was the most important aspect when considering an opportunity or job role.

Breaking the results down by gender, the most important factor for female tech workers was to work for a company which promotes diversity and inclusion (51%), while for male workers, opportunities for progression were the most important.

When looking to their next job, the survey found that more than a third (36%) of respondents would go to a traditional recruiter to find work, while a quarter (25%) said they would look to their own network. Respondents also selected job boards (23%) and social media (16%) as platforms to seek out the latest industry roles. The findings revealed the growth of social media to find tech jobs in under 35s, who were twice as likely to use this method when jobhunting than their over 35s colleagues.

In terms of a gender breakdown, the survey found that women are more likely to find new employment through a recruiter, while male tech workers were more likely to reach out to their network or job boards.

Neil Purcell, CEO, Talent Works, said of the research: “With the pandemic creating a new wave of entrepreneurism and the launch of exciting startups, now is the time for these companies to be ambitious and attract tech talent to their organisations."

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