UK Survey Discovers Welsh Men Most Lacking in Home Gadget DIY Skills

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7th December 2012 16:00 - Information Technology

A survey commissioned by computer specialists set has measured how well UK households are tackling new technologies and gadgets – it was discovered that women expect many related tasks to be dealt with by men, although many do not have the skills.

Welsh men were found to be the most inept at the ‘manly’ ability to mend their cars as well as household machinery around the home.

Nearly half of the Welsh men surveyed said that even changing the oil on their car would pose a conundrum, with 55% also bamboozled by the thought of checking their vehicle’s clutch fluid.

Furthermore, 78% of the respondents in Wales said they found the thought of upgrading their home computer’s hard-drive extremely confusing, while 67% admitted they’d be baffled by trying to upgrade their computer memory.

The study also discovered that almost two in five women think that men should be able to upgrade the home computer to ensure it no longer performs slowly and nearly three quarters of women (73%) claimed that mending an underperforming car was definitely a job for the man of the house.

Nevertheless, only a third of the female surveyants believe that their men have the DIY skills to mend things such as an underperforming car or a slow computer.

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