75 per cent of council websites are good for seeking local tips

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8th February 2016 18:19 - Local Government

According to the findings of a recent local government survey, more than 75 per cent of county councils provide a very good or good service for individuals looking for information about their local tips. The survey also found that this was still the case when individuals sought an answer via mobile.75 per cent of council websites are good for seeking local tips

Conducted by IT organisation, Socitm, the survey findings revealed that 78 per cent of the county councils tested scored three or four stars for findings local tip opening times.

Socitm’s ‘Better Connected’ surveys did not paint such a glowing picture when it came to reporting missing bins to other council types, with only 41 per cent scoring three or four stars in this section.

The IT organisation said councils need excellent online services, in order to support councils’ efforts to reduce landfill, especially as there are financial incentives for local councils who do this.

Both of the tasks were tested during the Christmas holidays in 2015 on mobiles.

Of the five councils, four were rated two stars or less for findings council tip opening times. This task had not been mobile optimised, which had a notable effect on customer experience.

As well as mobile optimisation, or lack of, the other factors which resulted in councils performing badly were jargon, wordy content and broken links.

The council websites which performed well on the ‘find council tip opening times’ task were:

  • Hampshire
  • Warwickshire
  • Oxfordshire Kent
  • Nottinghamshire

The county council websites who did well on the ‘missed bin’ task included:

  • Dover
  • Cambridge City
  • Barnet
  • Wolverhampton
  • Flintshire

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