Concerns surrounding living in Leeds are unveiled by readers of Yorkshire Evening Post

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27th October 2014 15:46 - Local Government

More than 2,000 people took part in a survey to reveal their biggest worries about living in Leeds.

Shockingly, 80% of participants go out of their way to avoid parts of the city to avoid becoming involved in an act of crime. In contrary, over 50% of respondents feel that Leeds is safer than other cities in the UK.

Traffic is considered to be an increasing problem to 75% of the participants and of the respondents, 70% believed that council chiefs were wrong to incur costs for evening and weekend parking in the city centre.

Concerns surrounding the finances of the respondents were shared as approximately 60% of people have not seen an increase in their pay in the last year. As a result, respondents are considering visiting a food bank to help them with the struggle of providing food for themselves and their families.

Pay day lenders have been used by many in order to keep their homes running, which is worrying as this can lead to further financial difficulty in the long run.

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