Keep Britain Tidy Survey Shows Fast-Food Wrappers Are Top Rubbish Culprit

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29th March 2011 14:55 - Local Government

A survey of the top brands found littering UK streets, conducted by Keep Britain Tidy, has revealed that fast-food wrappers are the most common culprit in more than half of British cities and towns.

Across the UK as a whole, McDonald's was the brand most seen littering the streets, making up 13% of the items found.

Cadbury, Coca-Cola, Greggs, Lambert and Butler, Mars, Marlboro, Wrigley and Subway all ranked in the top 10 for brands of litter on the streets, along with unbranded fish and chips, kebab and pizza wrappers.

When it comes to London however, cigarette packaging was found to make up more than half of the branded rubbish on streets at 62%, which is a massive increase on the year before, when this type of litter made up only 14% of the total.

Phil Barton, Chief Executive of anti-litter campaigner Keep Britain Tidy, commented: "We need to make a change so that this country is no longer a place where it is, seemingly, acceptable for some to throw litter.”

Rubbish currently costs £858m to clear up. Keep Britain Tidy is actively working with businesses on a scheme called Love Where You Live to try to reduce litter on UK streets.

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