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28th June 2013 14:12 - Local Government

A recent survey undertaken by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED), which looked at 237 scientific, engineering, accounting, computing and public relations companies in April and May, found that Minnesota jobs are up by 1.9% in the past twelve months alone. 

Research also shows that just under half (46%) of businesses saw sales grow, figures which are up from just over two fifths (42%) the previous year.  With only a fraction of businesses reporting a decrease in sales the majority stayed the same or improved slightly.

DEED Commissioner Katie Clark Sieben said:

 “[The] survey is another indication that Minnesota employers are confident about the direction of the state economy...that confidence will translate into increased hiring and more investments, helping to fuel further growth in the economy.”

Overall Minnesota is now just 10,700 jobs shy of regaining the 160,100 lost during the Great Recession, though the mix is skewed toward more health care jobs and fewer in construction and manufacturing.

DEED’s Economic Analysis Director, Neal Young, said:

“[The study] fits the general narrative of a recovery continuing to gather steam, but slowly.”

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