Parking wardens are becoming ambassadors for our communities, survey finds

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2nd December 2014 18:01 - Local Government

A survey of 1,800 civil enforcement officers, traffic attendants and parking attendants has shown that parking wardens are becoming ambassadors for local communities.

The survey conducted by NSL has found that over half of the parking wardens had witnessed, as many as three times each day, cars parked on pavements, or in a way which compromised the safety of others. However, 25 per cent of the wardens claimed to witness these parking offences over three times a day.

Vehicles with foreign registration plates, parked in ways which broke local councils’ parking regulations, were witnessed at least once a day by 35 per cent of those surveyed.

Perhaps fortunately for non-UK parking offenders, The Local Government Association recently admitted that due to being unable to track down foreign registrations, millions of unpaid parking fines were being dismissed per year.

Of the respondents, the majority claimed that litter, fly tipping and damage to pavements and paths were impacting their working surroundings in a negative way.

Approximately 38 per cent of those surveyed claimed that the most common form of confrontational behaviour witnessed on the job, was that of verbal abuse and drunken behaviour (32 per cent).

Some 25 per cent claimed that incorrect or fraudulent uses of Blue Badges were rising sharply.

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