Poll Discovers Majority of Londoners Disenchanted with Living in the Capital

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29th January 2013 14:34 - Local Government


An opinion poll carried out recently by YouGov has revealed that despite Olympic efforts to promote London as "the best big city in the world", over half of Londoners would like to live elsewhere.

In total, 52% of the capital’s locals said they’d like to live elsewhere, compared to 48% who claimed they would choose to stay in London even if given the option to leave.

When those polled were asked to name two issues they feel should be addressed by London’s mayor, 39% saw tackling crime as the top priority, 37% listed the cost of living, 31% affordable housing and 30% voted for job creation.

In addition, the surveyants were invited to list three characteristics that best describe London life - topping the category by as much as 23 points, 65% said "expensive".

When it came to their outlook on London-living moving forward, 43% of the respondents said they thought it will become worse in the next 25 years, compared with just 30% who thought it will improve.

These negative findings contrast significantly with a poll conducted in 2004, when 69% of the surveyants were either very or fairly satisfied with living in London (or the London area), and 73% agreed with the statement "London is a place I like living in”.

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