Property developers struggle to access council land, survey reveals

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12th July 2016 11:28 - Local Government

Property developers struggle to access council land, survey reveals: A recent survey of property developers has revealed that council planning departments should be issued a time limit in which they should sign off planning permissions, in order to speed up the construction of new housing.Property developers struggle to access council land, survey reveals

The house building report was published by Knight Frank, the leading UK and London estate agent, and revealed that approximately 50 per cent of businesses intend to increase starts and completions over the next year. However, it was found that challenged within the planning system are having a negative effect on the supply.

Of those in the survey, 75 per cent said that additional resources are required within local council planning departments, with approximately 30 per cent calling for the planning process for the public sector to be further streamlined.

Irrespective of a pledge by the UK Government to unlock some 600 acres of public sector land in 2015, just 25 per cent of the survey respondents said that they had seen an increase in the availability of local government owned land up for sale in the last 12 months.

The market research report also uncovered that just 10 per cent of house builders through the Government were likely to meet its Starter Homes target under the current market conditions. Of the respondents, 46 per cent said that the scheme would not make a difference to the number of affordable home for sale across the United Kingdom.

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