Support for an extra council tax band revealed by survey findings

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15th April 2015 15:45 - Local Government

A recent survey has discovered that there is strong support amongst the public for changing existing council tax bands and charging a higher Support for an extra council tax band revealed by survey findingsrate of tax for homes which are not in full-time use throughout the year.

The survey – entitled The 2015 Homeowner Survey – identifies which housing policies are supported by the public.

The findings showed that 70 per cent of people are in favour of Labour’s proposals to charge a higher rate of council tax for homes not occupied full-time.

68 per cent of the respondents supported higher council tax for homes worth more than £2 million.

The survey also found that the general public are also in favour of government initiatives to assist first time buyers. The findings showed that 65 per cent of the public would like the Help to Buy scheme to be extended. The same percentage supported the Starter Home Initiative

Some of the less popular policies were Right to Buy. Just 42 per cent of the respondents said that they agreed with the scheme.

Chief Executive Officer of the HomeOwners Alliance, Paula Higgins, said of the research: “People strongly believe homes are for living in, not speculating with or leaving empty. With an acute shortage of housing, the priority for the public is to ensure that those who want to own the roof over their head are not at a disadvantage to foreign buyers and those who have second homes.

“Too many people are struggling to get on the housing ladder, and often end up feeling the system isn’t fair – it is time that politicians acted to level the playing field. Homeowners are pragmatic about increasing taxes on higher value properties, but clearly prefer it to be done by introducing a new higher-rate band of council tax, rather than the so-called mansion tax, an entirely new tax on property imposed by national government.”

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