Survey Finds Complaints against NHS Scotland are on the Rise

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24th September 2013 16:21 - Local Government

According to figures released by the Scottish Government, complainants against the NHS in Scotland rose by a tenth (13%) to 9,161 in 2012/13, up from 8,117 in 2011/2012. There has, however, been a reduction in the number of complaints about GPs and dentists.

Of complaints received in 2012/13, three tenths (28%) were fully upheld, while a third were partially (35%) or not upheld (36%).

The report records only three fifths (61%) of the complaints were dealt with within the national target of 20 working days.

Although year-on-year complaints rose by 1,044 from 2011/2012 to 2012/13, there were fewer complaints recorded in the category of family health services, with a 13% reduction in complaints about doctors and three tenths (30%) fewer about dentists.

Health Secretary Alex Neil said:

“Our health service does a fantastic job in the overwhelming number of cases... [Although]in an organisation of this size, care can sometimes fall below the standards we all demand.”

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