Survey Uncovers Best and Worst UK Cities for Tipping

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28th July 2011 15:51 - Local Government

A survey of 2,000 people in 19 UK cities by technology retailer Best Buy UK has measured the best and worst places in Britain when it comes to tipping.

Customers in the white rose county of Yorkshire have been revealed as the worst tippers in the UK. Also low on the list were people in Leeds who gave only 5.76% more than their bill and Hull at 5.91%.

The top tippers were found in Oxford at 8.44%, Brighton at 8.09% and Milton Keynes at 8.06%. Scots in Glasgow and Edinburgh, who are often labelled as ‘mean’, also proved to be generous tippers.

In total, the survey revealed that the average tip Britons dish out is in fact less than the 12.5% “discretionary” amount that some restaurants add to a bill.

On the other hand, 74% of the people who were polled said they think customer service standards within the UK have slipped in the past 10 years.

Managing Director at Best Buy UK, Steve Jensen, commented: “UK businesses all need to recapture some of the professional and courteous service that people took for granted if we’re going to thrive in the future.”

He concluded that many Britons would be happy to pay more for good service, which includes effective handling of inquiries and after-sales care.

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