Survey finds 90 per cent of councils will take action against floods

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10th November 2016 12:41 - Local Government

Survey finds 90 per cent of councils will take action against floods: According to the findings of the most recent Local Government Association’s (LGA's) Winter Readiness Survey, 90 per cent of local highways authorities are planning flood mitigation measures this winter, and a further one in three have closed bridges or roads in the last 12 months due to flood damage.Survey finds 90 per cent of councils will take action against floods

The survey also revealed that flooding is still a major problem at a local level, with a variety of techniques being introduced to help mitigate the risk.

Having spoken to 81 highways authorities across England and Wales, the survey also revealed that 88 per cent were intending to take action to decrease the risk of flooding on roads.

Of the councils, 56 per cent were planning to use gully-sucking lorries, 53 per cent were planning to utilise sandbags, 36 per cent were expecting to use gully and drain inspections, 30 per cent were planning to use community flood wardens, 22 per cent were going to use pumps and 7 per cent were going to take action to reduce landslips.

The research also revealed that councils across the countries have kept stockpiles of gritting salt for the roads this winter, with an estimated 1.2 million tonnes being saved for plummeting temperatures. The same quantity was stockpiled in 2015.

Of the councils, 64 per cent said that they are planning to share resources with other councils and emergency services during the 2016/17 winter period.  The most often cited sharing policies were on salt stocks (47 per cent), gritting machinery (28 per cent), staff (16 per cent), gully-sucking lorries (12 per cent) and pumps (10 per cent).

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