Survey finds salaries have increased amongst local council planners

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29th October 2015 16:59 - Local Government

A recent survey within local councils, planning consultancies and private sector employers has revealed that in 2015, the most Salaries have increased amongst council planners, survey findscommon salary bracket for local authority planners was £35,000 to £40,000, as opposed to £30,000 to £35,000 last year.

The market research findings also revealed the salary review discrepancies between those working for a council and the respondents working for consultancies and other private sector businesses. This year, 3 per cent of local authority employees received at least a 3 per cent pay increase at their last pay review, in comparison with the 45 per cent of consultancy and private sector staff. Just 1 per cent of those working within a council received a 5 per cent or more pay increase, in comparison with 27 per cent of private sector or consultancy staff.

The findings have indicated that this pattern may carry on, with 81 per cent of the respondents working for a local authorities anticipating a 1 per cent (or less) pay rise in their next pay review, whereas 37 per cent of those working in the private sector or within a consultancy expected a 3 per cent or more salary increase.

According to the research, those working for a council get more annual leave than those working in the private sector, with many council staff receiving between 26 and 30 days annual leave, in comparison to the private sector’s 21 to 25 days. Of the council staff, 26 per cent receive 31 days or more annual leave, as opposed to just 3 per cent of private sector and consultancy staff.

The market research also discovered a distinct difference in the number of hours worked by council staff and private sector/consultancy staff. Of the respondents within local authorities, 87 per cent said that they work 36 hours a week or more, in comparison with 92 per cent of consultancy and other private sector planners. However, as the working hours increase, the gap broadens, with only 20 per cent of private sector planners working 46 hours a week or more, compared to 6.5 per cent of local council planners.

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