Survey finds more atheist people believe there is a conflict between faith, science

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17th November 2015 12:39 - Museums, Libraries and Archives

A recent survey of American people has discovered that more religious people in the United States do not see anything within their religion Survey finds more atheist people believe there is a conflict between faith, sciencewhich conflicts with science, as opposed to atheist people who draw similarities between the two.

The survey findings revealed that those who see clear similarities between science and religion are mainly those who rarely or never attend church.

Another survey, conducted by the same researchers, revealed that 60 per cent of people believe that science and religion are conflicting.

According to the survey of 2,000 people, there is a clear difference between the beliefs of those who are religious and those who are atheist.

Of the religious people, or those who attend a religious service at least once a week, 50 per cent said that they feel that science and faith do not complement each other, in comparison with 76 per cent of atheists who said the same.

The findings of the survey suggested that the respondents who were the least religious were more likely to believe that there is a conflict surrounding religion and science. Approximately 73 per cent of the respondents who said that they were not religious believed that science and faith conflict each other.

Chief Executive Officer, of the not for profit organisation, Public Religion Research Institute, Robert P. Jones, said of the research findings:

"The people who are farther away from religion themselves tend to see stronger conflict, because they're not as close to actual religious people. They aren't seeing all those people who don't have a conflict."

The survey also discovered that atheists view the religious communities based on what they see and hear from the media, which is why they believe that religious people are often involved in controversies and fights over evolution, amongst other similar conflicts.

As well as this, despite a large proportion of respondents believing that faith and science do not go hand in hand, many people feel that their own beliefs do not conflict with science.

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