Almost a half of UK is unsure about fracking, reveals survey

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6th May 2015 16:33 - Oil and Gas

Research, conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has revealed that just short of half of the UK are not sure whether Almost a half of UK is unsure about fracking, reveals surveythey should support or be against fracking for shale gas.

During the research, 1,981 homes in the UK were surveyed in order to monitor public perception and opinion of some of the Department’s key issues – a task which is ongoing.

The survey discovered that 44 per cent are indifferent when it comes to fracking for shale gas, whilst an additional 5 per cent are uncertain.

The annual research indicated that the amount of people who support fracking is falling. This can be seen by 2014’s 29 per cent, falling to 24 per cent this year. Further highlighting the decline in support was the figures from the 2013 survey, which showed that 27 per cent supported fracking.

This year, 26 per cent of the respondents claimed to ‘oppose’ or ‘strongly oppose’ fracking, compared with 2015’s 22 per cent.

Energy Campaigner for Friends of the Earth, Tony Bosworth, said of the findings: “Government and industry collaboration to persuade the British public to embrace fracking is failing.

Public support has fallen significantly in the last year, while opposition has risen.

This opposition is even higher in areas such as Lancashire where fracking is proposed, and it’s such a toxic issue that over 1000 election candidates around the country have pledged to oppose it.”

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