Just one third of the public would be in favour of local fracking projects

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15th September 2016 12:21 - Oil and Gas

Just one third of the public would be in favour of local fracking projects: According to the results of a recent poll, published by Friends of the Earth, 33 per cent of the public would be in favour of shale gas extraction in their local area, even if it involved direct payments of up to £10,000 to their household.Just one third of the public would be in favour of local fracking projects

The poll gathered the opinions of 1,704 adults on the UK Government’s recent suggestion that funds could be paid straight to houses that have been affected by nearby fracking projects. This idea has been strongly condemned by anti-fracking campaigners who claimed that the Government is trying to bribe the public to embrace fracking.

The UK Government is currently in the consultation process on a number of proposals about how to manage a planned Shale Gas Wealth Fund, a initiative that would send some of the tax receipts from fracking projects into local community projects and possible even directly to households.

Of the respondents, 33 per cent said that they would either ‘strongly’ or ‘tend to’ be in favour of fracking in their local area if the Government’s policy went ahead, whereas 43 per cent of the respondents said that they would oppose fracking regardless of the possible cash payment. A futher 25 per cent of respondents said that they were not sure.

The results of the polls were found to support a series of quarterly polls by the UK Government on the public’s attitudes towards energy issues, which has consistently revealed that the number of people who are opposed to fracking outweighs the number of those that support it. However, a notable number of people are still undecided on fracking.

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