Less hiring in oil and gas forecasted for 2015

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16th January 2015 12:29 - Oil and Gas

A new survey by Rigzone has found that 44 per cent of Hiring Managers in America, who recruit for the oil and gas industry, expect less people to be hired within the sector, in the first half of 2015, as opposed to last year.Less hiring in oil and gas forecasted for 2015

These predictions have been attributed to the falling price of oil and recent economic uncertainties.

The research also discovered that just 22 per cent of the sample anticipated a rise in recruitment in the first half of 2015.

When comparing the findings from this year’s survey to 2014’s, an element of uncertainty can be seen. For example, last year some 50 per cent of hiring managers in the US were expecting to hire more than the previous year, a stark contrast to 2015’s 22 per cent.

A further example of this is that in 2014, just 11 per cent claimed that redundancies and layoffs were likely to increase within the year.  However, this year’s survey has identified that 36 per cent of Hiring Managers are expecting to make more staff redundant, than they did last year.

The President of Rigzone, Bob Melk said about the findings: “The shift in outlook underscores how quickly companies are adjusting their plans to the current economy, with many oil and gas firms bracing for what could be a difficult 2015.  Companies are watching falling oil prices and putting a pause on some hiring plans as a result.  The changing oil and gas market can be positive for companies, who are indeed hiring and looking for premium candidates that may have otherwise been unavailable earlier in the year.”

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