Market Research Finds Electric Vehicles Increasingly Appealing to Britons

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21st August 2012 16:51 - Oil and Gas

Published by Motor Trader and British Gas, a new survey has shown that many Britons would consider switching to an Electric Vehicle (EV).

According to the UK car dealers surveyed, 32.9% of their customers would be open to buying an EV at the moment, while a further 30.8% believed that customers would be more interested in the idea of EVs if they were provided with more information.

The survey demonstrates that the majority of the British public could be willing to embrace EVs as part of the nation’s push to decarbonise the nation’s transport system, as well as to cut back on exorbitant petrol and diesel costs - less than a third of the dealers who took part in the study thought that their customers would not be receptive to EVs in the least.

The market research also indicated that EVs could account for as much as 5% of the new car market by 2015, representing a growth of between 6%-20% by 2020.

Nevertheless, the survey report concludes that EVs still have a number of issues to iron out before they will be fully embraced by Britons, such as their battery and storage technology.

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