More people oppose to fracking than support it, survey reveals

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17th March 2016 16:09 - Oil and Gas

A recent survey on behalf of the Government has revealed that more people oppose to fracking than those who support it, especially amongst the people who know about the process.More people oppose to fracking than support it, survey reveals

Of those who said they knew a lot about the fracking process, 53 per cent said that they were against it, in comparison to the 33 per cent of those who said they were in favour of it.

However, the researchers found the same amongst the entire sample (including those who do not know a lot about the process), with 29 per cent being opposed to fracking and 23 per cent backing shale gas extraction through fracking.

Of the respondents, women were found to be the most likely demographic to be against the controversial process, with just 17 per cent backing fracking, as opposed to 28 per cent of men.

The 2,121 households who took part in the survey were asked to divulge why they supported or were opposed to fracking. The results discovered that the most cited concern was the destruction or loss of natural environment, at a rate of 61 per cent.

Of those who supported fracking, the most popular reason given was that we need to utilise all of the world’s natural resources (35 per cent), reducing dependence on fossil fuels (34 per cent) and reducing dependence on retrieving resources from other countries (32 per cent).

The market research findings also revealed that 36 per cent supports nuclear power, whereas 21 per cent are opposed to it.

A spokesman for the the Department of Energy and Climate Change said:

“There is no question that we need natural gas in the UK, and this research shows that people do not want to rely on other countries for it. That is why we need to secure our own domestic gas supplies. If just 10% of the estimated gas in shale rock could be recovered, it would be enough to meet our energy demand for almost 40 years.”

Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist for Greenpeace, said of the market research findings: “If you take a UK ranking of energy sources by popularity and turn it upside down, you have a list of this government’s energy priorities. There’s a growing gulf between what the public wants for our energy future and what our ministers are imposing, and the cheaper clean technologies become, the wider the chasm will grow.”

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