Motorists refer to motorway fuel prices as ‘a rip off’, RAC survey finds

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12th November 2014 15:30 - Oil and Gas

Motorists have branded motorway fuel prices as ‘a rip off’, as the RAC finds motorway tariff prices are up to 10p higher than elsewhere.

In the past few weeks, supermarket petrol prices have seen a marked decrease in cost. However, motorists feel like they are being ‘ripped off’ at motorway services.

The findings showed that 74 per cent of the 1,463 respondents felt that motorway fuel prices were “very expensive” and 26 per cent refused to purchase their fuel at motorway services.

Of the respondents, 63 per cent felt that fuel prices should be capped so that motorway prices are not more expensive than non-motorway prices.

However, 27 per cent felt that it would be acceptable for motorway fuel prices to be just a few pence more expensive than non-motorway prices, and 10 per cent believed that nothing needed to be done.

The survey found that 44 per cent only bought fuel at a motorway service station when they had no choice, and 20 per cent put in their tank “just enough fuel to get by”, when at motorway services.

Also, 76 per cent believed that service stations should display fuel prices before motorists pull off the motorway so that they are aware of the costs.

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