Support for fracking is at a new low, Government survey shows

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7th August 2015 11:27 - Oil and Gas

A recent survey, by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, has revealed that public support for fracking has sunk to a new low.Support for fracking is at a new low, Government survey shows

The findings revealed that just 21 per cent of people support the extracting of shale gas for UK use. The figure represents the lowest level of support since the Department of Energy and Climate Change conducted its first quarterly survey in December 2013.

In total, 28 per cent of people were against fracking and a further 46 per cent said that they were not bothered either way.

The survey of 2,118 UK households also found that the level of opposition against fraking was higher amongst the respondents who said that they knew about it, with 54 per cent of the respondents who said that they know a lot about the method revealing that they were against it, as opposed to 32 per cent who said that they were in favour of it.

Of the respondents, the most support came from those who said that they didn’t know anything about fracking.

Senior Energy Campaigner at Friends of the Earth, Donna Hume, said of the findings:

“It’s little surprise that the more people find out about the risks of fracking, the more they oppose it.

“Instead of blindly championing dirty fracking, the Government should throw its weight behind the UK’s huge clean energy potential, which is far more popular with the public - and give David Cameron a much-needed credibility boost ahead of this year’s climate talks in Paris.”

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