Survey Finds British Motorists Suffer Worst Petrol Hike in Europe

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15th June 2012 14:37 - Oil and Gas

A survey for the annual Post Office Travel Money’s Motoring On The Continent Report has uncovered the state of petrol prices in the UK and Europe.

The study, which particularly focussed on what it costs for holidaymakers to drive abroad, has shown that unfortunate motorists in Britain have been hit with higher fuel price hikes than anywhere else in Europe.

This means that English holidaymakers planning to drive in Europe will pay less at the pump this year in almost every country.

Over the past five years, prices for unleaded petrol in the UK have increased by more than 39% - up from 97p in 2007 to £1.35 in 2012. Italy has suffered the next highest price hike at 31.5%.

In contrast, petrol costs have only risen by 19.9% in Belgium, 19% in Germany, 18.1% in Norway and a mere 5.7% in Switzerland. The lowest-priced fuel destinations are Andorra, Luxembourg and Spain.

While motorists in all countries have felt the petrol sting due to wholesale fuel price rises, they have also faced far higher tax increases.

This has caused controversy in Britain recently - in April, MPs demanded an inquiry into allegations of price-fixing at pumps. They also called for the Government to bin its planned fuel duty rises and replace them with a windfall tax on oil company profits.

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