Survey Finds Majority of Britons Struggling to Meet Rising Petrol Costs

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15th May 2012 17:38 - Oil and Gas

A survey by car valuation company has revealed that many UK drivers are near ‘breaking point’ when it comes to paying for rising petrol costs.

The continuing petrol hike is set to drive some motorists off the roads for good, with as many as 38% of Britons saying they will have to give up driving their car entirely within a year if prices at the pumps increase at the same rate as they have over the past 12 months.

The study found that a fuel rise of even 14-15p a litre would lead to 85% of drivers having to change their lifestyles to manage the extra cost. For example, 10% of respondents said they would need to spend less on food at supermarkets, 11% would socialise less and 7% would cut back on clothing spending.

In addition, 37% of the surveyants claimed they are spending more on fuel than on utility bills, while 70% pay more for fuel than they do on holidays. The average amount now being spent on fuel was measured at an average of £102 a month.

The poll of 2,000 UK motorists further discovered that only 2% claimed the current price of petrol was reasonable, compared with 75% saying it is "out of control" or worse.

Adrian Rushmore, Managing Editor at Glass, commented: "This research demonstrates that Brits are reaching breaking point when it comes to petrol and diesel prices. Even a small rise will have a significant impact on the majority of motorists.”

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