Survey finds that the pandemic has driven IoT adoption in oil and gas sector

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24th September 2021 18:00 - Oil and Gas

Survey finds that the pandemic has driven IoT adoption in oil and gas sector: A survey of respondents from industries including oil and gas, electrical utilities, mining and transport has found that the adoption of IoT has been accelerated in the last 12 months in response to Covid-19.

The survey by Inmarsat polled 450 respondents around the globe from countries in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA and was used to compile a report titled: Industrial IoT in the Time of Covid-19.

The survey revealed that 81% of the respondents polled intend to accelerate the adoption of IoT further, with 51% already moving into it.

The research found that those who have already adopted IoT (51%) were less likely to say their operational ability has been impacted negatively by Covid-19. The report then suggests that this is because IoT supports business continuity.

According to the poll, three-quarters of survey respondents (74%) had deployed at least one IoT project during the pandemic, with almost half (44%) saying that they done so in the 12 months from the second quarter of 2020.

Inmarsat Enterprise president Mike Carter.

“Those businesses implementing IoT technologies ahead of their competition and across their value chains are those who stand to win in the long term. While our findings point to IoT driving significant uplifts in efficiency, sustainability and safety across global supply chains, there are areas where organisations can make improvements to draw the optimum benefits from the technology."

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