Survey reveals which oil and gas companies are the best to work for

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15th November 2016 12:35 - Oil and Gas

Survey reveals which oil and gas companies are the best to work for: According to a survey of the oil and gas workforce - in which the respondents were asked about their perceptions of the industry – operators and service firms were rated the highest based on key criteria, such as pay rates, values and performance.Survey reveals which oil and gas companies are the best to work for

The first major survey of oil and gas workforce perceptions since the beginning of the worldwide downturn, the study revealed that supermajors, BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Halliburton were the top five ranked companies.

The research was entitled ‘Ideal Employer Survey 2016’ and was conducted by Rigzone. In total, 8,400 individuals took part in the research from more than 100 countries.

In excess of 3,000 oil and gas firms were cited in the research and regardless of the problems the industry has faced through the declines in oil price, no business from other sectors made it into the top 30.

During July and September 2016, the survey’s researchers ranked the oil and gas companies based on 19 questions about their qualities and their ideal employers. The research has been hailed the first of its kind within the industry.

When looking at the most important attributes of an ideal employer, the researchers discovered that commitment to health and safety was the most important factor, securing 90 per cent of the respondents’ votes in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors worldwide.

For 88 per cent of the respondents, corporate integrity, interesting and challenging work and competitive salary was cited as the second most important. In joint third place were training and development programmes and workplace culture, securing 87 per cent of votes.

The companies in the supermajor category were found to be continuing to inject money into the development of the oil and gas sector’s future talent and reinforced its wish to use graduate recruitment to bring new employees into the industry.

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