27% of parents are comfortable visiting clinics for vaccinations due to pandemic safety fears, reveals survey

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2nd July 2020 08:41 - Pharmaceutical

27% of parents are comfortable visiting clinics for vaccinations due to pandemic safety fears: A survey of parents by GlaxoSmithKline has found that although around three-quarters of parents said they were happy for their children to be vaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic (73%), just over a quarter (27%) feel comfortable going to a clinic or GP surgery where it can be administered - down from 91% before the outbreak began. 

Of the parents who felt uncomfortable with visiting a clinic due to coronavirus, two-thirds (67%) said they were most worried about exposing their family to the disease, while around two-fifths said they were concerned about contracting it themselves (42%). 

The research polled 2,511 parents of children aged nine months - 10 years and also found that 45% believe that getting their child vaccinated has become more essential.

More than a fifth of survey participants (22%) said they had vaccinations booked in for their child during lockdown, with 23% of these revealing that they had decided not to attend because of pandemic safety fears. A further 22% reported that their appointment had been postponed.

More than nine in ten (93%) parents polled said that they are happy for their children to be vaccinated in general, with 29% saying they feel more likely to take part in a vaccination programme for themselves or for their child now, than before the pandemic began. 

Looking at the 73% of parents who said they would be happy for their child to be vaccinated at this time, GSK reports that many respondents would be open to alternatives to clinic visits in order to see it administered, such as nurse home visits (55%), drive through facilities (50%), local pharmacies (44%) or mobile medical centres (46%). 

Dr Philip Cruz, UK Vaccines Medical Director, GSK, said: 

“It could also be interesting to continue to explore innovative and untraditional locations for vaccine-delivery. Now is not the time for children to miss scheduled immunisations."


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