43% female internet users would pay more for sustainable beauty products, reveals global poll

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30th October 2019 16:27 - Pharmaceutical

43% female internet users would pay more for sustainable beauty products: A global survey of female internet users has revealed that consumers are increasingly seeking sustainable products when it comes to their beauty and cosmetics purchases.

The poll by global media platform, Teads, questioned 4,487 respondents from eight countries around  the globe including the UK, US, Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, Italy and Brazil and found that while the cost of products was the main consideration for consumers polled, respondents were also seeking products made with natural ingredients and packaged with eco-friendly materials. Four in ten (43%) said they would pay more for products if they knew them to be sustainable. 

The survey found that more than a third (36%) think of themselves as 'eco-conscious'. 

The research also highlighted that consumers were learning more about products through digital interaction  - with almost two thirds of beauty buyers taking action after they'd viewed a beauty or skincare product video or post online. The survey also found that a third of consumers are influenced by online articles about beauty products. 

However, while 17% of global consumers said they discover new procucts through influencers on social media platforms, this was only true for 8% in the UK. 

AR and VR

Consumers are increasingly being influenced by digital platforms and technology when it comes to their beauty and skincare purchases. More than half the respondents polled said they recognised the value of innovations such as AR (Augmented Reality), virtual advisors or chatbots, while almost seven in ten (68%) revealed they would be interested in trying AR.

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