Brits confused about CBD and its effects, according to recent poll

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2nd October 2019 11:31 - Pharmaceutical

Brits confused about CBD and its effects: A survey asking more than 2,000 UK adults about their thoughts and opinions around cannabidiol (CBD) has found that there is some confusion about its effects - with some believing it to be addictive or to have psychoactive properties. 


Just a fifth of respondents (19%) were able to say what CBD was, with almost a quarter (22%) believing it to be addictive. A fifth of those polled (21%) believe CBD to be illegal, while 15% said that it was a recreational drug. More than one in ten people (14%) said that taking CBD will get a person 'high', with 7% believing 'the munchies' were one of its effects. One in twenty (5%) thought that taking CBD would cause you to get the giggles.

Health benefits

The research by Vape UK CBD also found that the majority of those polled (68%) believe CBD to have benefits to health with almost six in ten (59%) saying it is useful in treating or managing certain health conditions. 

Almost half (48%) were unsure as to whether you could class CBD as a 'medicine' and .almost two thirds (64%) said that they did not think CBD could be sold in UK shops, despite it being easily available on high streets and online.

Nicola Webster from Vape UK said:

"It is positive to see that a significant percentage of UK adults recognise that CBD has health benefits. However, it’s also obvious that many people are still conflating CBD with THC."

Earlier in the year (June, 2019), research for the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis titled 'CBD in the UK: Towards a responsible, innovative and high-quality cannabidiol industry’ suggested that there are 1.3 million regular users in the UK. The study also showed that 6 million people reported using it in the 12 months prior to the poll, which equates to 11% of the UK population. 

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