Doctors believe the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t understand them, survey finds

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15th October 2015 11:18 - Pharmaceutical

A recent survey of 551 General Practitioners in England has revealed that there is an increasing segregation between doctors and the Doctors believe the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t understand them, survey findspharmaceutical industry, with 2 in 3 no longer seeing sales representatives and approximately 40 per cent having a negative view of the pharmaceutical industry.

The survey, entitled the ‘Perceptions of Pharma’, was conducted by healthcare data and intelligence provider, Binley’s.

According to the findings, 43 per cent of doctors with a negative perception of the pharmaceutical industry also believe that it has a different motive to their own, which is driven by sales and profits.

Of the GPs in the survey, 20 per cent said that they believe the pharmaceutical industry does not grasp how GPs work and does not appreciate their needs and problems. A further 17 per cent said that the pharmaceutical industry does not understand the pressures surrounding prescribing budgets.

The researchers found a correlation between whether GPs meet with pharmaceutical sales representatives and whether they have a positive view of the industry, with 56 per cent of the GPs who do not see pharma sales representatives having a negative opinion of the industry, as opposed to 32 per cent who regularly meet with pharma sales representatives.

However, the survey suggested that securing personal meetings with GPs was a difficulty for the pharmaceutical industry, with many GPs lacking time. As well as this, some practices prohibit representative visits during working hours.

Healthcare Intelligence Director of Binley’s, Sarah Eglington, said of the research findings:

“There are still clear opportunities for the industry to build relationships with hard to reach GPs by funding education programmes and providing new support materials that will assist patients in self-managing some conditions.”

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