Half of Survey’s Respondents Considering Aesthetic Treatment

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11th July 2014 11:43 - Pharmaceutical

A recently published online survey discovered that over half (52%) of its respondents were considering aesthetic treatments, such as wrinkle-relaxing injections, skin tightening procedures and chemical peels.

The research – Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatological Procedures (CSCDP), carried out by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) – questioned 8,315 individuals in April.

The top three reasons participants gave for considering surgery were wanting to: look as young as they feel or better for their age, appear more attractive or to feel more confident – the same three reasons were given in last year’s study.

ASDS’ research also identified the most popular procedures being considered: ultrasound, laser light and radio frequency treatment for skin lightening, treating wrinkles and improving the appearance of scars and birthmarks (45%); laser light treatments to reduce facial redness or improve skin tone or scars (41%); chemical peels (36%) and body sculpting (35%).

The survey’s results also discovered that dermatologists (53%) were seen as more influential than friends (44%) and primary care physicians (38%) when it came to deciding whether or not have a procedure.

Furthermore, the speciality in which a physician is board-certified was viewed as the most important factor when choosing a practioner, ahead of referral from a physician (45%) and price (44%).

Mitchel Goldman, ASDS President, said: “The board certification tells potential patients that a physician is highly trained and is the most qualified to administer a cosmetic medical procedure.

“We see many reasons for the increased interest in cosmetic medical procedures: advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies; growing comfort levels on the part of consumers and an improving economy.”

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