Just 10 per cent of men in Britain would use a male contraceptive, survey finds

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19th April 2016 13:33 - Pharmaceutical

According to a recent survey, just 10 per cent of men would use a male contraceptive, with many men concerned about the long term effects it could have.

The research comes in the wake of news that a non-hormonal male contraceptive, Vasagel, is expected to enter the British market between 2018 and 2020.

In December 2014, alternative research from the Centre for Epidemiology & Health presented entirely different findings from the more recent study, with at least 50 per cent of men saying that they would use the contraceptive – a 40 per cent decrease in two years.

Another survey questioned 2,681 men in Britain, who had been in a relationship with their partner for at least six months, about male contraceptive.

Conducted by VouchersCodePro.co.uk, the research revealed that approximately two in three respondents agreed that they use contraceptives; however, 25 per cent said that they do not use a method of contraception at all.

Of the men in relationships, 89 per cent said that they would not take a male contraceptive; however, 21 per cent said that they would be scared of the potential long-term effects it could have. A further 24 per cent believe that it is the female’s responsibility to take contraception.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, a spokesman for VoucherCodesPro said of the results:

I am really shocked by these results and I’m sure a few females will no doubt feel angry towards the male view that contraception should be a woman’s responsibility.”

The Executive Director for the Male Contraception Initiative, Aaron Hamlin, said of the issue:

As many women would at least attest, avoiding hormone would be a luxury – ensuring that contraception was worry and side-effect free. Male contraception is bound to make a lot of guys happy.”

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