Many pharmacists are not satisfied at work, survey finds

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3rd August 2016 16:42 - Pharmaceutical

Many pharmacists are not satisfied at work, survey finds: A recent pharmaceutical survey conducted by Chemist+Druggist, entitled ‘The C+D Salary Survey 2016’, has uncovered that many pharmacists are dissatisfied at work.Many pharmacists are not satisfied at work, survey finds

Of the 776 pharmacists who responded to the survey, 75 per cent said that they would not recommend pharmacy as an industry to work in.

Of the 519 employee pharmacists in the survey, approximately 83 per cent said that they had considered leaving their job in the last 12 months, highlighting disenchantment amongst the respondents. Of the 83 per cent, 44 per cent said that they had begun job hunting for a new position elsewhere.

According to Chief Executive of Pharmacist Support, Diane Leicester-Hallam, the charity experienced a steady rise in the amount of pharmacists who are contacting them about employment outside of pharmacy over the last few years.

Leicester-Hallam disclosed that 34 per cent of all the enquiries that the charity has dealt with in 2016 up until now have been with regards to employment issues. Of these enquiries, 25 per cent were sent by those who were either unemployed or looking for alternative employment.

Dissatisfaction amongst pharmacists is not a theme which the C+D Salary Survey is shy to, with the 2015 survey revealing that of 267 employee respondents 72 per cent said that that they had experienced work-related stress within the prior 12 months. Since the C+D Salary Survey in 2011, the percentage of pharmacy employees who are stressed increased from 61 per cent to 70 per cent in 2014.

In 2015, the C+D Salary Survey gathered the responses of 1,046 employees and revealed that approximately 30 per cent suggested that their job security was worse than it was the year before. Amongst large pharmacy chains, this figure was slightly higher, with 35 per cent of employees at Lloyds Pharmacy, Boots and Well revealing that their job security has worsened.

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