Marketing and IT at pharma companies should collaborate to increase digital presence, survey finds

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1st April 2015 11:33 - Pharmaceutical

A recent survey by Accenture has found that chief information officers and chief marketing officers of pharmaceutical companies need to work Marketing and IT at pharma companies should collaborate to increase digital presence, survey findstogether to increase their use of digital technologies.

Accenture surveyed 22 chief information officers and 24 chief marketing officers, working for pharmaceutical companies in eight different countries, which made at least $5billion in annual revenues.

The research found that 91 per cent of chief information officers felt that their companies needed more collaboration between the IT department and the marketing department. Of the chief marketing officers, just 58 per cent agreed.

There is a 33 per cent discrepancy in these findings, which is significantly higher than the 14 per cent which Accenture believes is the average between IT and marketing departments in other industries.

Senior managing director of Accenture’s Life Sciences industry group, Anne O’Riordan,said of the findings: “The reasons for the difference include traditional structures, cultures and sales representative-led commercial models. The industry faces a period of rapid change marked by digital advances, new expectations from health care professionals and patients, and a dominant outcomes-based reimbursement environment. This requires CMO-CIO collaboration to increase as patients and healthcare providers move more aggressively into the digital world.”

The findings also showed that there was a “lack of a common vision for technology and understanding” between chief information officers and chief marketing officers.

67 per cent of the chief marketing officers across all industries claimed that they felt there was a lack of alliance between IT and their own department. Just 50 per cent of chief marketing officers across all industries said the same of their relationship with the IT department.

O’Riordan said: “We suggest key steps to closing the gap between pharmaceutical CIOs and CMOs, including establishing a vision and set of common objectives for marketing IT that leverage the power of digital and unifying around the customer and patient experience. They should also integrate customer/patient-focused skills throughout the company, and focus the IT agenda to empower marketing to exploit digital technologies.”

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