Obese Americans Choose Weight Loss Pills and Surgery Over Exercise

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8th July 2014 11:06 - Pharmaceutical

Analysis of the National Health and Wellness Survey, which asked 39,000 respondents in the United States to complete an online survey, has found that overweight and obese Americans report a greater level of overall satisfaction with weight loss pills or weight loss surgery. According to the respondents, diet, exercise and other methods relying on will power do not result in the same level of results.

The survey’s respondents included 22,927 obese adults, comprising of 19,121 who reported having at least one health problem as a direct result of their weight, or related to it. Two fifths (44%) of the respondents from the US were women. Among the key findings, researchers noted that almost three fifths (58.4%) of these obese adults were not taking any steps to reduce their weight.

Among those who were seeking to lose weight, around one in forty (2.3%) had undergone a form of weight loss surgery – such as a gastric bypass or having a gastric band fitted – or were on a course of weight loss medication. The remaining 39.3% of obese respondents were utilising other methods for weight loss – such as exercise, dieting etc.

Among those undergoing surgery or taking medication, happiness with their weight loss method was sat at around 39% - much higher than those using their own methods (20%).

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