Only 15% of Brits are willing to share data with pharma for AI projects, survey reveals.

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3rd October 2018 13:11 - Pharmaceutical

Only 15% of Brits are willing to share data with pharma for AI projects: Personal data and the protection of it continues to dominate the national media, and a survey conducted by KPMG has revealed just where people in the UK are willing to share it.  
The poll of 2,000 Brits (which forms part of the How the UK Can Win the AI Race report), revealed more than half (51 percent), were concerned about data privacy and the majority were not receptive to sharing their personal data with various companies in the UK in order to help develop Artificial Intelligence (AI). 
Of all organisations listed, the research revealed people are more willing to share data with the NHS, if it led to improvements within the health service.  with 56 percent saying if it led to better services, they would be willing to divulge personal data to improve the health service. 
Although people would less willing to share personal data with Pharma industries for AI, with just 15 percent saying they would be happy, there was even less willingness to share with charities (11 percent), media companies (8 percent), internet companies (8 percent), and at the bottom of the table, political organisations (7 percent). 
Above Pharma and after the NHS, 47 percent of respondents said they would be happy to share their data for AI projects with banks, the police (33 percent) and the government (22 percent). 

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