Pharma companies 'not doing enough' to reach out to LGBTQ communities, finds survey

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8th October 2021 13:31 - Pharmaceutical

Pharma companies 'not doing enough' to reach out to LGBTQ communities: A survey of more than 15,000 members of the LGTBQ community in the US has revealed that almost half those polled believe pharmaceutical companies are not doing enough to reach out and understand the LGTBQ community.

The research titled: 'Engaging with the LGBTQ community' was commissioned by CMI Media Group, the Human Rights Campaign and Wells Fargo, and found that people who identified as lesbian, transgender and nonbinary were even more likely to feel ignored.

Just over one in five (21%) cisgender gay and bisexual men 'strongly' or 'somewhat' agreed that 'pharmaceutical companies adequately outreach to and understand my identity as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, non-binary and/or queer individual', according to the poll. The figures were even starker for transgender and non-binary respondents to the survey, and cisgender lesbian and bisexual women who agreed with the statement (8% and 6% respectively).  Two-fifths of all survey participants were neutral.

When asked about why they disagreed with the statement, reasons given included seeing only heterosexual couples represented in pharma ads; feeling that their unique healthcare is not recognised; the high costs of medicines such as hormone treatments or HIV drugs.

Asked how pharmaceutical companies can improve the perceptions and build trust in the LGBTQ community, almost three-quarters said they would feel more positively towards a company if they advertise in LGBTQ media, which 86% regularly read. Eight in 10 said they would feel more positively if companies sponsored LGBTQ community organisations or events.

Craig Beyerle, supervisor of paid social for CMI Media Group, said that the data tells him that "there’s a huge market that’s not being tapped into.”

“When somebody within the LGBTQ audience can relate to a message, it makes them more connected to that brand or that company,” he added.

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