Pharmaceutical Marketers Concerned Over Digital Campaigns

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5th November 2013 15:39 - Pharmaceutical

Three in five (60%) marketers working for pharmaceutical brands would be concerned if they were asked to undertake a digital marketing initiative for their organisation in the coming 12 months. This is despite that fact that 62% of 18-24 year olds now use the internet as opposed to visiting their GP when they feel under the weather.

The research, carried out by 3 Monkeys Health + Leisure, considered the views of more than 2500 marketing professionals in the pharma sector and also revealed that more than four in five (83%) respondents feel that communications in the pharmaceuticals industry is harder now than five years ago. The top concern for marketing professionals looking to increase use of social media was found to be rules and regulations (77%).

In addition to number of young people utilising the internet for diagnosis, almost three quarters of all consumers across the age groups admitted that they would check their doctor’s diagnosis on arrival home. Despite increasing regulation, pharma marketers generally agreed that they had a role to play in bridging the gap between consumers and health care professionals – with 89% stating that they felt they could help to bridge the communications gap.

Still, it appears there is a way to go until pharmaceutical brands have the ear of general consumers, with two in five (40%) of the general public stating that they mistrusted big pharmaceutical corporations.

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