Pharmaceutical industry survey finds that 95% are concerned about coronavirus impact

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9th April 2020 15:50 - Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry survey finds that 95% are concerned about coronavirus impact: A survey of healthcare professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry has found that the overwhelming majority are concerned about the impact that the coronavirus epidemic will have on their firm's performance. 

The research by GlobalData found that 95% of respondents are concerned about the implications for their company. It also found that of all the industry's global markets, the Asian Pacific market ranked the highest in terms of greatest level of concern. 

The survey found that almost a quarter of those polled (23%) had concerns about supply and demand gaps as a result of the pandemic.

Senior Director of Market Research at GlobalData, Urte Jakimaviciute, commented:

"While most pharmaceutical factories in China resumed their production lines, the pharma industry’s concerns are heightened by countries such as India restricting the export of dozens of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and the medicines made from them, the UK banning the parallel export of more than 80 drugs to protect supplies during the coronavirus outbreak and the US and the EU looking into bringing manufacturing back to their soils."

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