Poll Suggests Pharmaceutical Companies are Digitally Failing Patients

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2nd April 2014 15:13 - Pharmaceutical

A recent survey of 2,000 patients, conducted by consulting firm Accenture, suggests that pharmaceutical companies are failing patients digitally.

These findings span three types of medication recipients: those on chronic medication for conditions like diabetes; short-termers who take medications as needed or for a short-lived condition, like migraines or antibiotics; and ‘lifestyle’ medication patients, which includes prescriptions for birth control and erectile dysfunction.

The survey asked patients about the types of services they want from pharmaceutical companies, including; product information, tracking and alerts, adherence support, physician referrals rewards and financial assistance. In not one of the desired patient touch-points did pharmaceutical reach at least half (50%) of respondents.

Moreover, the findings suggest that pharmaceutical companies are missing out, not only because patients want more information (48%), but because two-thirds (64%) of those polled said they were willing to trade personal information to get free, relevant content.

Findings show a clear preference for digital over print, with seven-in-ten (69%) respondents saying they want companies to email them, while two-thirds (66%) liked print materials.

Additionally, just shy of half of those polled (48%) said they want the industry to contact them through company websites while 44% wanted outreach through mobile applications.

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