Survey finds reputation of pharma is improving

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15th March 2016 17:45 - Pharmaceutical

According to a recent pharmaceutical survey, the sector is enjoying an increase in popularity as a result of efforts to create an approach focussed on patients.Survey finds reputation of pharma is improving

The annual survey revealed that approximately 45 per cent of the patient groups who were polled had said that the pharmaceutical industry had a good or excellent corporate reputation for 2015 – the highest figure seen since the survey first was run in 2011, and up from 39 per cent for 2014. Further to this, 28 per cent of the respondents said that the industry had improved during the year.

Of the respondents, 72 per cent said that the pharmaceutical industry was good or excellent at creating high-quality products, in turn, this majorly contributed to the sector’s aggregate reputation improvement.

On the other hand, just 15 per cent of the patient groups said that the industry did well on adopting fair pricing policies, which is not surprising as the debate on medicine access and pricing has been heavily featured in the news during 2015.

45 per cent of the respondents in the 2015 patient groups rated the pharmaceuticals industry as ‘poor’ at pricing policies, with drugs for diseases such as hepatitis, HIV and other rare conditions, being cited as unfair.

According to the findings, those in Australasia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA were found to be the most unhappy patient groups.

The researchers explored which individual pharmaceutical company had the best reputation and found ViiV Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and Shionogi were all ranked in joint first place.

In second place was AbbVie, closely followed by Lundbeck in third place, and Janssen in fourth place. Following Janssen was Novo Nordisk in fifth place.

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