UK patients receiving poor healthcare in 1 in 6 doctor’s surgeries

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19th November 2014 17:52 - Pharmaceutical

Being prescribed out of date medicine and having trouble booking an appointment are both contributing factors to one in six GP surgeries, offering inadequate healthcare.

The unsatisfactory care provided puts the patients, of approximately 1,200 surgeries, at “risk” or “elevated risk”, say the Care Quality Commission.

Although, of the 7,661 surgeries inspected, 1,200 surgeries are a cause for concern, the Care Quality Commission suggests that the majority are providing quality care.

The Care Quality Commission assures that those underperforming will be thoroughly inspected in the early months of 2015.

Those not providing adequate care failed due to patient’s difficulty booking appointments, too few nurses and not enough elderly citizens receiving their winter flu jab.

Worryingly, some GPs were administering out of date vaccinations and prescriptions, which consequently lowers their effectiveness. Also, some GPs inspected were failing to create an in-depth care plan for those with mental illnesses.

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