Women are 60% more likely to falsely acquire prescription drugs from their GP than men, reveals survey

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13th October 2021 12:02 - Pharmaceutical

Women are 60% more likely to falsely acquire prescription drugs from their GP than men: A recent survey by Delamere, a private rehab clinic, has found that women are almost two thirds as likely to wrongly obtain prescription drugs off their doctor than men, with men being twice as likely as women to go on the dark web to obtain drugs.
The study asked over 2,000 Brits about their substance use and estimated that 3.2 million people had used drugs in the UK over the last year. Furthermore, it is predicted that just over 2% of the population are regular drug users.
When asked about how they felt drugs affected them, nearly a third (32%) of men stated they are worried about how substance abuse is affecting their body. On the other hand, just less than a quarter (24%) of women expressed the same concern; leading to men being 52% more likely to seek help than women.
The survey also looked into drug use during the pandemic, with men being 38% more likely to use drugs during lockdown than women. In addition, 59% of men admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year, while just over half (52%) of women stated the same. 
Although significantly more men take drugs than women, according to the poll, it was found that a similar number of men and women drink alcohol; with 50% of men and 49% of women saying they had consumed alcohol over the past 12 months. It was also found that cannabis is nearly as common as paracetamol in the UK.
Mike Delaney, nurse, physiotherapist and clinical director for Delamere, said: “When people are forced to be together day in, day out without respite, chemicals such as cocaine can improve mood, make conversation and connection easier and simply make life seem a little less bleak.”

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