42% of finance workers put off pursuing roles due to negative first impressions, according to survey

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26th July 2018 16:26 - Professional Services

42% of finance workers put off pursuing roles due to negative first impressions: Nearly half of survey respondents working in finance industries said they have been dissuaded from pursuing a new position after an organisation has failed to make a good impression.
The What Workers Want survey by Hayes Accounting found that first impressions really do count for a lot when it comes to a candidate choosing whether or not to pursue a role. The study polled 14,600 employees across a number of sectors - with over 2,000 of the responses returned coming from people working in finance. 
So, what was it that put them off?
The survey found that seeing the environment they would have to work each day was the reason two-thirds of prospective finance employees were deterred, while 46 percent said it was the interview process that had made them have second thoughts. Unwelcoming staff were another reason for candidates feeling put off, with 38 percent saying it was enough to make them have a rethink. 
Over eight in 10 finance professionals said that they have experienced a negative interview process citing reasons such as poor communication and ill-prepared interviewers.  
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When it comes to staying in a role, 43 percent admitted to leaving a company because it did not meet up to their expectations, with reasons given including not receiving training they were expecting, management being different to what they had been led to believe it would be and the job not being true to what was advertised. 
The study also showed that respondents do not like to be kept waiting to hear if they have been successful after submitting an application, with almost two thirds (62 percent) saying they would wait no longer than a week before looking for other opportunities. When it comes to being offered a role, 61 percent said they will only wait between one and three days before looking elsewhere. 

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