Country with the most international work experience is Ireland, research finds

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3rd December 2014 15:38 - Professional Services

Ireland is top of the ranks for international work experience, The Global Talent report, by, shows. The report also uncovers that people are happy to move to Ireland for work, should they have to.

The Global Talent Report polled 200,000 people, who lived in 70 countries, to find which country had the highest amount of international work experience. Ireland topped the list with 91 per cent of its workforce holding experience working abroad.

The report describes Irish workers as sociable, mobile and skilled.

Not only does the Irish workforce possess valuable work experience, they also have high motivation (87 per cent). This places Ireland above Canada and the UK. However, the USA and Germany were ranked lower than Ireland.

With emphasis on the technology sector, foreign workers were more than happy to migrate to Ireland to join the workforce. The demographic of those willing to migrate to Ireland were mostly of managerial roles, holding a degree and moving from a large company, which employed 200 or more workers.

29 per cent of the demographic willing to migrate possess a master’s degree and 3 per cent have a PhD.

The most common qualifications held were in engineering, computer science and IT.

Of those willing to work in Ireland, the highest counts were from Portugal, Finland, Poland, Spain, France, the USA and the UK.

According to the survey, 40 per cent were currently searching for a job in Ireland.

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