Market Research Finds UK Contractors Optimistic Despite Double Dip Recession

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1st August 2012 18:10 - Professional Services

A survey by SJD Accountancy has shown that despite the weak state of the current economy, UK contract workers have a positive outlook.

Despite the “double dip recession” and the recent trend of contractor rate cuts, the survey found a very high level of enthusiasm within the contractor community and a number of highly positive perspectives.

When asked about how they felt about the state of the contracting market at present, almost two thirds of the surveyants said they felt positive, showing an optimistic outlook of this sector as a whole.

In addition, just 10% of over 1,000 contractors questioned reported they are not currently in a contract or about to start one, which indicates that the majority of contractors are able to find and retain work on an ongoing basis.

Furthermore, demonstrating a continued commitment to contracting as a lifestyle and also as a long term career option, over 75% of the respondents claimed they had made a conscious decision to choose contracting as their way of life, while 88% stated that they would class themselves as being a 'committed contractor'.

Managing Director for SJD Accountancy, Simon Dolan, commented: "The statistics we have gathered clearly show that the contracting industry is still doing well and that this way of life offers huge benefits for people who choose to step away from full time employment - preferring a more flexible and rewarding way of life instead."

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